Dokku Alt Manager

Manager is a web application written in PHP and Agile Toolkit which helps you manage your Dokku-alt hosts through your browser

Enabling Dokku-alt-manager

dokku-alt-manager ( is a separate open-source project with a goal to deliver Web-based user interface to control one or several dokku-alt instances. The manager uses SSH and keys to communicate with your dokku-alt servers. If you running multiple dokku-alt nodes, you would need only one manager. To install, run:

$ dokku manager:install

You're done!

Open the URL provided and don't forget to set up a username and a password.

Dokku alt manager is under active development. You can upgrade to a new version by running

$ dokku manager:upgrade

If you wish to upgrade to a specific version pass an argument

$ dokku manager:upgrade 0.3

Useful Links

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