Dokku-alt is a Docker powered mini-Heroku. The smallest PaaS implementation you've ever seen. It's a fork of original dokku. The idea behind this fork is to provide complete solution with plugins covering most of use-cases which are stable and well tested.

Install Dokku-alt on any Ubuntu server and deploy web apps, databases and even more complex infrastructures without worries about security.

Supported Features

  Debian-based installation and upgrade!
  Command Line or Web Control utility
  Deploy projects with git remote
  Built-in support for MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redis databases
  Use Heroku-style buildpacks, Dockerfile or Procfile
  Domain control support, aliases, redirects and SSL
  Support for docker volumes and custom port configurations
  Zero-downtime deploy, handy diagostics and debug tools
  Access-control: full access or deploy-only.

Recent Changes

0.3.6 Release (Aug 21)
Improved import and export of database schemas, added warning about potential firewall setup problem, improved

0.3.5 Release (Aug 1)
Implemented support for data volumes, finalized preboot mode (zero downtime deploy) added support for interactive shell for running containers.

© 2015, Distributed under MIT License.